Zines 1 & 2

Co-curated by Rahul Patel, Lucy Panesar, and Hansika Jethnani, the zine was created to bring together diverse perspectives on decolonising the arts curriculum in UK higher education from staff and students across the university. Decolonising the Arts Curriculum: Perspectives on Higher Education zine1 was launched at Central Saint Martins in 2018 and promoted through a series of curated exhibitions across the six UAL colleges.

The decolonising process did not end there however, and staff, the Arts Student Union and students continued to work together to produce the Decolonising the Arts Curriculum: Perspectives on Higher Education zine2. This was co-curated by Rahul Patel, Clare Warner, Hansika Jethnani, Anita Israel, Annie-Marie Akussah and Zina Monteiro, and published in November 2019.  

As well as being freely accessible to the public as e-Magazines, the UAL Teaching, Learning & Employability Exchange have printed and disseminated over 17,000 physical copies of the zines over the past three years, which have served as catalysts for further decolonising projects and initiatives across the university and beyond.  

Zine #1

This first Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine was collated and curated by Hansika Jethnani, Lucy Panesar and Rahul Patel. It was printed and published in June 2018.

The zine was (and is) aimed at both students and staff, as a tool for raising awareness and opening up conversations that will allow people to take things further in their creative and pedagogic practices.

Zine #2

Zine2 was launched in Autumn 2019

It brings a collaborative guide to action on decolonising the arts curriculum, by both students and staff, through their articulations, exchanges, interventions and histories.  The 77 voices in this zine work as individual contributions but they also work incisively and impressively as a collective text.

If you would like a printed copy of either zine please email: DecolonisingtheArtsCurriculumZine@arts.ac.uk