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The Decolonising the Arts Curriculum: Perspectives on Higher Education zine exhibition and campaign was launched at LCF on Tuesday 5th February as part of the UAL Teaching Platform on Addressing Attainment Differentials. The exhibition will be on at LCF until Friday 15thMarch. Pages from the zine are currently on display in the corridor leading to the library at John Princes Street.

To support the campaign, LCF library is hosting several exhibitions by guest curators over the period.

One of the first guest curators at London College of Fashion was Zac Chaudhri.  The Fashionistan project which he led was born from the desire to showcase and promote Pakistani and South Asian fashion as well as the need to increase diversity within the western fashion modelling industries. The Fashionistan project in December 2019 will launch their second book, working within the framework of ‘Decolonising the Arts Curriculum’, will explore Pakistani fashion. This will be supported by the HUM Network, University of the Arts London and Ali Usman.  The book will be available online free to all students and in print in UAL libraries.

You can learn more about The Fashionistan project here:

Images by Aila Nisar / Zac Chaudhri

Iris’s silk route

This display was curated by Iris Yau, Associate Lecturer at UAL, and is entitled “Iris’s silk route” and tells the story of Iris’s experience of growing up under a British colony (Hong Kong) and of her work with silk.

Photos of Iris Yau’s display. Images by Helen Norman

Decolonising the LCF library collection

LCF library has been working hard to decolonise its collections and the Padlet presentation below is a visual guide to some of the decolonising titles which have been purchased by LCF library. Access the Padlet presentation of book titles to decolonise LCF library collections here:

View, like and comment on the titles or add new suggestions to help us decolonise our library collection by clicking on the above link.

Decolonising the LCF Library collection

Decolonising LCF library collections book display:

LCF library is having an ongoing display of new titles which have been purchased to decolonise our library collection during the exhibition period and these are on the display shelves by “Iris’s silk route” exhibition. Please come and have a browse or borrow them.

With thanks to the London College of Fashion and Library Services for their support, and all participants for their contributions.

Additional information:

LCF Special Collections Zine Collection:

London College of Fashion Special Collections has an ever expanding fashion zine collection that encompasses gender, body politics, sociology of clothes, hair & makeup, queer theory and more. Click on the links below for interviews with some of our zine creators who have their zines in LCF Special Collections:

Conversations on our hair” (zine created by Rudy Loewe)

“Reflekt Magazine

“Back to nappy: guide to beautifully regressing to natural hair” zine created by Roechelle Adair.

Various zines created by Janell Hoong

Photo of LCF Zines, by Helen Norman