zine2 coming soon!

Both zine1 and zine2 are Arts Student Union and UAL Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange co-productions, and part of the ongoing work to address disparities in experience and attainment for International students and students of colour.

They are aimed at both students and staff, as a tool for raising awareness and opening up conversations that will allow people to take things further in their creative and pedagogic practices. We hope you find them insightful and inspiring.


zine2 brings a collaborative guide to action on decolonising the arts curriculum, by both students and staff, through their articulations, exchanges, interventions and histories.  The 77 voices in this zine work as individual contributions but they also work incisively and impressively as a collective text. 

The new Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine #2 is hot off the press. The digital version will be available here soon: watch this space!

Meantime, you can still flick through Zine #1 here.

Image of physical copy of zine #2 on a table

Contact us: DecolonisingtheArtsCurriculumZine@arts.ac.uk

We believe the way to digest the creative assemblage in both zine1 and zine2 is by acquiring paper versions (details below) as you will feel the need to return to submissions to get best for your artistic, creative and research practices.

zine1 and zine2 are available to staff and students via the UAL Libraries. We can also post a copy to other UK based institutions.

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