Face in the Hole

The Project Face In the Hole was created by the artists Joanna Mamede and Ana Luiza Rodrigues. It was exhibited at the Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building in London during the Tate Exchange: Art and Politics in a Climate of Unrest with Central Saint Martins in January 2019. The idea of the project is to dissociate political discourse from political image and inspire critical thought.

Artists Joanna Mamede and Ana Luiza Rodrigues.

This first piece exposed the words of the recently elected far-right wing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. Throughout his political career he has aired extremist and controversial declarations. However, despite his polemical discourse, a corruption scandal and a polarization of views never witnessed before in the history of the country culminated in his victory in the polls.

Introducing a very popular object in the British seaside within the gallery space, the London based artists presented the 2 meter tall piece and exposed the politician’s words with a suggestion to be embodied by the visitor.

The world is witnessing an increase in populism and the endorsement of violence between races, classes, gender, beliefs, and religion. To address this, the artists aim to stimulate reflection regarding the construction of political discourse through the work’s interaction with the viewer’s body. They are currently working on three new pieces for 2021.

About the artists:

Joanna Mamede is an Artist and Director born in Rio de Janeiro and based in London. Most of her work explores language, culture, and the perception of difference. She has recently graduated from the MRes Art: Moving Image at Central Saint Martins, where she received a Distinction Award for her dissertation The Fear of the Other Word: Text on Screen as Arena of Power.

Ana Luiza Rodrigues is an artist whose work explores everyday life, seeking to interweave a dialogue between the real and the surreal around her.. She has recently graduated the MA Photography at Central Saint Martins with a Distinction Award and a Dean’s Award at the CSM One Degree Show.

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