London College of Communication

The LCC exhibition ran from 4 October to 12 November 2018 in the library and display cases in the canteens. It was co-curated by one of the zine’s creators, Rahul Patel, with LCC special collections librarians Monica Sajeva and Ruth Collingwood, and LCC academic staff Karl FosterMaureen Salmon and Mo-Ling Chui (click on their names to download curatorial statements).

Content from the zine was displayed alongside items from academic staff members’ own personal collections and the LCC library special collections. Download here the additional publication offering a critical librarianship take on the Zine exhibition: Practice: Special Collections and Decolonisation. There was also this Spotify playlist accompanying the exhibition, which visitors contributed to.

Thanks to Tania Olsson (LCC Learning Resources Manager), Jess Crilly (Associate Director Content and Discover) and Zey Suka-Bill (Associate Dean Progression, Attainment and Support) for their generous support.

Above: Playlist and Zine content in the LCC Library entrance; items from the LCC Special Collections; Maureen Salmon talking about her curated display ‘Made in Jamaica’; display curated by Mo-Ling Chui and colleagues entitled ‘New Model Minority’. Photos by Rahul Patel and Ruth Phng.

Past events:

4 October – ‘Decolonising the Arts Curriculum’ Launch Event in the LCC Canteen Amphitheatre and Library – This event started with a series of short talks and readings from contributors to Zine #1 followed by a tour of the exhibition with LCC Librarians and co-curators Monica Sajeva and Ruth Collingwood. Speakers included Lucy Panesar, Anita Israel, Zey Suka-Bill, Melodie Holliday, Gurnam Singh, Mikal Calandra Achode, Vikki Hill, Callum Cound, Raju Singh, Zac Chaudri, Jhinuk Sarkar, Karl Foster and Michael McMillan.

11 October – ‘Decolonising the Locale’ Panel Discussion in Room T304 – This discussion was chaired by Arts SU Education Officer Anita Israel, and included presentations from panellists Steve Martin (Historian/Journalist), Dalia Dawood (Oppose), Simon Hinde (Capital City) and Joel Simpson (Curriculum Elephant).


25 October – ‘The Zine as Decoloniser’ Critical Production Event in the Library Learning Zone – This workshop, facilitated by Monica Sajeva, Ruth Collingwood, Monica Biagioli and Raju Singh, aimed to develop, enable and empower the agency of ‘voice’ through approaches to zine making, with reference to the following ToR publications by Shades of Noir: Who am I? An Exploration of the Arts Community (2017), Peekaboo We See You: Whiteness (2018) and Ethics, Hierarchy and Imperialism: Preserving Voices Vulnerable to Erasure (2018).

Above: Anita Israel, Rahul Patel, Karl Foster, Jhinuk Sarkar and Zey Suka-Bill speaking and Ruth Collingwood and Monica Sajeva giving a tour of the display at the LCC Launch Event, 4 October 2018. Photos by Lucy Panesar and Jessica Anoche.

Above: Panellists Steve Martin, Joel Simpson, Dalia Dawood and Simon Hinde at ‘Decolonising the Locale’ on 11 October and Andrew Slatter, Mo-Ling Chui, Maureen Salmon, Iris Wakulenko and Milo Taylor at ‘Decolonising the LCC Disciplines’ on 18 October 2018. Photos by Ruth Phng.