Zine #1

This first Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine was collated and curated by Hansika Jethnani, Lucy Panesar and Rahul Patel. It was printed and published in June 2018.

The zine was (and is) aimed at both students and staff, as a tool for raising awareness and opening up conversations that will allow people to take things further in their creative and pedagogic practices.

Read more about the zine-related activities which took place at each of UAL colleges during the 2018-19 academic year here:

We invite you to share your perspectives on and examples of decolonising the arts curriculum with us. Email us at: DecolonisingtheArtsCurriculumZine@arts.ac.uk

If you would like to be sent a hard copy of the Zine please complete this online form: bit.ly/Zine2018